Laclie Pharmacy Is Conducting Pfizer Vaccinations.  

Please read the information below before clicking the “Sign up Now” button :)  

We are now doing both scheduled appointments and some walk-in clinic hours.  Walk-in clinics may have a wait if there are people ahead of you in line.  We will be doing walk in Pfizer vaccinations from Monday Aug 16th to Friday Aug 20th from 11am to 4pm.  Please feel free to come by the pharmacy during those times if you would like a Pfizer vaccination without an appointment.  

We love helping our amazing customers but we’re asking if you can please read the information below before calling the pharmacy.  Our staff will be referring all calls to the link above for booking yourself onto the waitlist.  We would like to keep our phone lines available for medication related questions and ordering prescriptions.  If the information below doesn’t answer your question then please call us and we will do our best to help. 


How does the waitlist work?    
The waitlist will compile a list of all those who would like a vaccine.  It will ask you specific questions about your age, any health conditions, health care or frontline worker, chronic diseases etc, phone number and email address.  When certain amount of vaccine arrives at the pharmacy we will email out a Booking Link to the same amount of patients from our list who meet the Ontario Government current criteria for receiving a vaccine.  That Booking Link will be active for only a certain number of hours and will give those patients the ability to pick an appointment time for their vaccination. 
Who can go onto our waitlist?

We encourage anyone to sign up to our waitlist.  This will let us know that you are in need of a vaccine, and allow us to send you a booking link for a vaccine clinic day when it is scheduled.  Currently we are dispensing Pfizer vaccine to anyone who meets one of these criteria:

1. 12+ and are looking for a first dose of Pfizer
2. 12+ and had Pfizer first dose at least 21 days ago and wants a second Pfizer dose
3. Had Astra Zeneca first dose more than 8 weeks ago and wants Pfizer as a second dose.
4. Had Moderna at least 28 days ago and would like Pfizer as your second dose.  

We currently dont have any Moderna.  Please go to to find a local pharmacy currently dispensing Moderna if you’re looking for a second dose Moderna vaccine.  
Are there other places to get the COVID-19 vaccine?
Yes, you can also try the Ontario Government vaccination program.  Information on bookings can be found at  
Can I still try to get my vaccine elsewhere, like my doctor’s office or mass vaccination centres?
Please feel free to get your vaccine elsewhere if you would like to do so, but if you get it elsewhere please call us to let us know so that we can take you off our list. 
I didn’t use my Scheduling link before it expired?
Unused links will be resent a new scheduling link at a later time for a future vaccine clinic day.
I didn’t receive an onboarding email after I registered to your waitlist?
If you submitted your email address to the waitlist system an email will be sent to that email address confirming your registration on our waitlist. You may find it in your junk mail, try looking there.  It can also take an hour or two so give it some time and it should arrive.  If you haven’t received a waiting list onboarding email within 24 hours then give us a call and we will double check your email address was added correctly. 
If I don’t want my scheduled appointment, can I give it to a friend or family member?
Unfortunately not.  Appointments are only valid for the specific person they were booked for.  Please use the link in the booking system to cancel your appointment. 
I don’t have internet
If you aren’t able to access the link above due to a lack of internet, then how are you reading this… just kidding.  Please call our pharmacy and a staff member can add you to the waiting list over the phone.  Our lovely staff are very busy with our regular medication dispensing as well as vaccination planning so please only use this option if absolutely necessary. 
I don’t have an email address
Please add your phone number during registration.  When it’s your turn to schedule an appointment, instead of a link being emailed to you a staff member will call you to book your appointment. 
Can I choose the vaccine that I get? 
Unfortunately not.  All of the currently approved vaccines are safe and effective.  When given the opportunity to get vaccinated take the first vaccine that’s offered to you, don’t wait.  During a pandemic, when community spread is high, the best strategy is for everyone to be vaccinated as soon as they are able.  All of the approved vaccines are very effective at preventing severe covid symptoms, hospitalizations and death.  We also don’t have any say over which vaccine the government sends us to provide to our patients.  
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